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Articulate Projects

Articulate Section

This section of the repository has been created to provide resources for use with the Articulate Studio and Storyline software packages.  This software is primarily used to create online elearning course modules, interactions, and quizzes.  Through the purchase of floating licenses, the software is available to all faculty and staff.  Please take a moment to explore the various sections and contact the WesernU CAPE center with any questions or comments.

This section is divided into four categories, listed below:

Articulate Training Videos

This section consists of series of training videos on using Articulate Studio, produced by the CAPE department. They are screen capture demonstrations, covering basic topics in using the software.

Faculty and Staff Work

This section consists of Articulate projects for display or collaboration by faculty and staff members.  They serve as examples of the creative and pedagogical possibilities realized here at at WesternU.  They also exist as examples of the capabilities of the software for new users.

Designed Projects

This section contains projects that are intended to be worked on jointly by faculty and the author of the module.  For example, our pilot project is a case study template built in Articulate Storyline 2.  This is intended to be adaptable to case studies of various types.  Faculty with case studies suited to this format are encouraged to contact CAPE to work together to build the customized interactive modules.  Similar templates will be created over time.

Articulate Resources

This section provides links to various Articulate Storyline and Studio resources from around the Web.