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Articulate Studio Training Videos

Articulate Presenter

Articulate Presenter works directly inside of PowerPoint. After is installed, a new tab will appear on the PowerPoint ribbon adding functionality and access to the Engage and Quizmaker interfaces.


Articulate Engage

Articulate Engage allows you to choose from pre-built interactions to your Presenter/ Powerpoint project. This makes it quick and easy to add professional looking activites to your projects.



Articulate Quizmaker

Articulate Quizmaker enables you to create  quizzes and knowledge checks. This includes quizzes with interactivity like drag-and-drop or hotspots. The results can be reported directly to Blackboard.



Articulate Replay

With Replay you can record screen capture videos quickly and easily. You can also integrate webcam audio narration or video with the screen capture. The videos can then be added to your Presenter/Powerpoint project or be exported on their own.


Tutorials on their way!