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Media Resources

Your Guide to Media Resources

This section of the repository has been created to provide links to resources outside of the University. There are numerous sources of media online, which can be overwhelming to busy faculty and staff. This section is meant to you help navigate these resources and provide some guidance on usage. As always, please abide by University copyright when downloading media resources as they will vary from site to site.

This section is divided into five categories, listed below:

Medical OER

There are numerous high quality medical multimedia repositories already in existence. This section gathers some of them in one convenient place. Please feel free to suggest additional sites that you may be familiar with.

General OER

Most repositories of open educational resources store content across numerous disciplines. These will frequently include health sciences related media.


At the heart of using media created by others is observing the author’s copyright. Although the content is open, there are usually requirements for use such as attribution or noncommercial use. Navigating the copyright landscape is fairly straightforward. These resources will address any concerns you may have. Please contact the University Library with specific copyright questions.

Free or Open Source Software

This section has links to popular free software packages for creating and manipulating media.

Stock Resources

General stock images, photographs and icons are frequently needed in the creation of multimedia projects. The multitude of these resources online can be overwhelming. These resources are recommended for there ease of use and clear copyright policy.