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300064 Human heart with enlarged aorta

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To work with this model, please contact Gary Wisser: gwisser@westernu.edu.

Copyright information: Copyright Western University of Health Sciences

All Rights Reserved

Model created by Gary Wisser (Western University of Health Sciences)

WU Number: 300064

Description: Human heart with enlarged aorta. This is a scan of a fixed and preserved heart from the WesternU anatomy lab.

Date Acquired: 20 Jan 2016

MeSH ID: D006321

Keywords: human, organ, heart, aorta, specimen, anatomy

Acquisition Info: Exterior scan of heart dissection in WesternU anatomy lab prepared by Craig Kuehn PhD – WU Anatomy and scanned by Gary Wisser.

Rights: WesternU owned

Projects: 3D prints, 3D PDF

Color: full

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Tree Number: A07.541